Exclusive View Permission

We have added a new function for compliance libraries where it is possible to allow libraries to be visible only to selected user types and roles.

In order to activate this functionality, you need to go to:

  1. System,
  2. Settings,
  3. Under Compliance Libraries, click on General,
  4. Tick "Exclusive view permission for compliance libraries",
  5. Save.

iScreen Shoter - 20231218165123682.jpg

Then go to:

  1. Compliance Libraries,
  2. Manage Libraries,
  3. Click on the overflow menu
  4. Edit,
  5. Under "Exclusive view permission", add the User Types and/or Roles that will have the permission to view and edit this library.

iScreen Shoter - 20231218165654092.jpg

Note: Admins will always have an overview of all libraries to unassign and assign users if needed.

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