Web Manuals Release notes 2024.1.0

Release Notes
Version: WM 2024.1.0 
Release date: 31-01-2024


Currently we are working on:

  • Image repository
  • Reader App bug fixes and improvements
  • Improving the search function
  • Bug fixes

Highlights this release:

  • More complete reader reports
  • Easier user management
  • Better PDF link conversion when uploaded to Web Manuals
  • Reader Document list now shows a much better result


  • When extracting a report on role performance the output will now also contain the specific unread documents. - MANUALS-7311
  • Added a free text filter to users view, this will make it easier for customers with a large amount of users to make updates. - MANUALS-7461
  • Changed the default value on "Keep user session active (minutes)" in efb security settings to last a month for new customers. No change applied to existing customers. - MANUALS-7555
  • Changed how PDF manuals were relinking internal links to ensure that they would work when applied to Web Manuals. - MANUALS-7556


  • When creating notes to compliance requirements, the notes will now be created on the first try. - MANUALS-7433
  • When exporting to JSON some characters were replaced with “?”, this is now fixed. - MANUALS-7526
  • The document list in the Reader will now show documents even if they have the same name. Before documents with the same name were only shown as one. - MANUALS-7535
  • The Designer now allows for a broader range of style selectors. - MANUALS-7554
  • In Reader content pages, some content was hidden and the full space was not used for the List of Documents. If multiple tabs existed on the same content page this used to be more apparent. - MANUALS-7558
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