Web Manuals Release notes 2024.2.0

Release Notes
Version: WM 2024.2.0
Release date: 28-02-2024

Currently we are working on:

  • Image repository
  • Reader App bug fixes and improvements
  • Improving the search function
  • Bug fixes

Highlights this release:

  • Improved role allocation for users via filtering
  • Easier consecutive compliance creation
  • Improvement to APIs


  • Connecting a user to roles could entail a lot of scrolling through the roles list. We have introduced a free text filter to allow for easier role location. - MANUALS-7461
  • Added Slovakian, Bulgarian, Hungarian and Russian language to the spellchecker and in Dual Locale. - MANUALS-6233, MANUALS-7019, MANUALS-7531, MANUALS-7136
  • Smaller visual changes to the Admin and Reader.
  • Creating compliance connections will be faster as we now suggest the last selected heading when making a compliance connection. - MANUALS-7138
  • Our APIs have been improved to be able to also deliver information on the date of the latest published revision as well as the way a document was checked out. - MANUALS-7605


  • The guidance video for Word import document preparation is once again visible when initiating the Word import flow. - MANUALS-7613
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