Web Manuals Release notes 2024.3.0

Version: WM 2024.3.0

Release date: 27-03-2024

Currently we are working on:

  • Image repository
  • Reader App bug fixes and improvements
  • Improving the search function
  • Bug fixes

Highlights this release:

  • Review comments can now be marked as completed and filtered accordingly
  • Transmittal letters will now have correct watermarks
  • API endpoints and improvements


  • Added a function that supports marking review comments as completed. In the Admin users can now mark review comments as done, filter on review comments and by hovering over the done box be able to see who made the last status change. - MANUALS-7010
  • Added API endpoint supporting document checkout. - MANUALS-7604
  • Added API endpoint supporting getting compliance libraries - MANUALS-7686


  • Fixed so that transmittal letters will have watermarks on archived pages.- MANUALS-6251
  • After uploading a file document, the document will now correctly be opened in a tab. - MANUALS-7257
  • To support larger customers, our Entra integration can now sync and load more users per group. - MANUALS-7638
  • Minor visual improvements. - MANUALS-7642


  • Added multi device API tokens, meaning that we now have a lot better control of users logging in to multiple devices, also we now store information on the platform, device and model name. - MANUALS-7124
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