Web Manuals EFB - 1.2.0

Release notes
Version: Web Manuals EFB  - 1.2.0 
Release date: 2024.04.24

Highlights this release:

  • Search completely rebuilt
  • Amelia AI search introduction
  • Improved Sidebar
  • Better form capabilities
  • Better PDF capabilities
  • Font scaling


  • Reader sidebar in landscape will no longer overlap the page content - WMEFB-242 
  • Login view - Background images stretch correctly - WMEFB-391 
  • Manuals repackaged with Force update will show up as unread correctly in the app - WMEFB-466 


  • Uploading an image within a form from the camera will no longer reset the entire form - WMEFB-395 
  • Fixed the PDF page indexing that caused the app to crash - WMEFB-418 
  • Announcement manual now opens correctly - WMEFB-430 
  • Form will not go blank after switching between tabs - WMEFB-448 
  • Fixed the search so it redirects users to the selected page with the searched world - WMEFB-452
  • Unread file documents are checked out when opened externally - WMEFB-468 
  • Using LDAP will now load correctly - WMEFB-469 
  • Fix removing a document from My Documents will correctly remove it from the list - WMEFB-470
  • Added the possibility to login using LDAP - WMEFB-471 


  • Uploaded LEP signature will show in the List of Effective Pages - WMEFB-277 
  • Font in can now be scaled in the App, allowing for a user customized UI size - WMEFB-375

  • Replaced weblike routing - WMEFB-377 
  • Search has had a complete overhaul, we kept the old features but also added search history, automated tags, much better performance, online search and our first branch on the AI tree, Amelia AI search. - WMEFB-380

  • My Documents - Add favorited pages with associated document - WMEFB-434 
  • Readers - add search view to the side panel - WMEFB-436 
  • Changed the tags view. Tags will now only show the content of a selected tag from the dashboard. - WMEFB-438 

  • Redesign demo button on customer view - WMEFB-457  
  • MDM configuration: Be able to set the full domain WMEFB-459
  • MDM configuration: Added the possibility to turn off "Try Demo button"- WMEFB-460 
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