Web Manuals Release notes 2024.5.0

Version: WM 2024.5.0

Release date: 29-05-2024

Currently we are working on:

  • Media Library
  • Word Import
  • Major projects
  • Next app release
  • Bug fixes

Highlights this release:

  • Removed applied margins in the PDF generator for a better result
  • All pages can now once more be printed from the Review Log
  • Updates to password validation
  • Fixes applied to Compliance Libraries


  • Added a password validator to ensure that the Change Password button is only active if both password and confirmation password match, when resetting password - MANUALS-7738
  • Removed margins applied to documents generated with the PDF generator, this will make the output look more as expected from the reader - MANUALS-7801


  • When printing the Review Log, all pages will now be printed when selecting “all” - MANUALS-7567
  • Cleaned up the UI for the reset password field, to allow for a less cluttered look - MANUALS-7575
  • Fixed minor visual issue with the User Login Log - MANUALS-7617
  • Changed our password validation to follow the Microsoft convention. No more emojis in the passwords ;) - MANUALS-7722
  • With the new password validator, users can now have a colon “:” as a symbol and still log in on EFB - MANUALS-7746
  • Admins allowing users to change passwords resulted in an error for the users when trying to change password, this is now fixed - MANUALS-7750
  • The Compliance Library will once more suggest a heading when trying to update an outdated connection - MANUALS-7769
  • Compliance connections will now be correct if created to the first heading of the document - MANUALS-7779


Bonus release notes from Hotfixes of the Month

Release Notes

Version: WM 2024.4.1

Release date: 07-05-2024


  • Changed the Compliance Library difference engine to ignore the difference between types of dashes - MANUALS-7726


  • The Control view will once more show the correct information on Checkout date and Quiz checkout - MANUALS-7757

Release Notes

Version: WM 2024.4.2

Release date: 20-05-2024


  • Fixed an issue causing unnumbered headings connected to compliance regulations to be outdated when any change was applied to the document - MANUALS-7777
  • Headings with non breaking space characters will once again display compliance connections correctly in the manual - MANUALS-7765
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