Web Manuals Release notes 2024.6.0

Release Notes
Version: WM 2024.6.0
Release date: 26-06-2024

Currently we are working on:

  • Media Library
  • Word Import
  • Major projects
  • Next app release
  • Bug fixes


  • Warnings can now be sent out by users who have access to the Reports view
  • Compliance links will now send users to the correct location, even for large documents


  • Editors will now be able to send out warning emails if they are given access to Reports in User Type Settings - MANUALS-5968
  • In the Reset Password dialog the fields will be outlined in green when the values meet the password requirements, also the Submit button will not be active until the requirements are met. - MANUALS-7574


  • Compliance links in large documents have had their timing adjusted allowing for the link to take the user to the correct page and not the first page of the document. - MANUALS-7167
  • The editor log will now be updated with all changes saved, even if multiple pages were edited. - MANUALS-7819
  • Time limited revisions can now be published even if the document owner is archived. - MANUALS-7826
  • In User Performance, the send warning email button is now disabled if the Warning email template is disabled in Email Templates. - MANUALS-7844
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