Can I customize the Reader Dashboard screen?


The Reader Dashboard screen can be customized with new icons, text, and additional information you wish to present for the end users. This can be done in System Settings > Reader > Pages


The possible outcomes for the Reader Dashboard screen are;

  • Changing preset text/adding additional information for;
  • Dashboard 
  • Unread
  • Operationally Critical
  • Review
  • Documents
  • Compliance


  • Applying view permissions for side tabs to certain users


  • Adding new customizable side tabs;
  • Free text page
  • Form page
  • Form entries page
  • Diagram page
  • Documents page
  • Compliance page

Possible example entries for the customized pages view include;

  1. Emergency contact lists
  2. Diagram viewer
  3. Submittable form pages, rather than inside a manual
  4. A documents page to view all published documents site wide
  5. Training information
  6. Company information



The Result

On the reader screen, you will be able to see the additional information you added in the previously mentioned steps.



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