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At the moment images can only be added one by one and there is no control over what is stored in the system.  Also if an image needs to be updated a new one has to be added.

It would greatly improve image handling and even storage space of images if a directory with possibility to add sub-directories to store images and chose from, add multiple images at one go and also have versioning like the diagram module.  This will also enable to have standard images whenever used in different manuals.




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  • Hi Karl, 

    I agree with you. Also regarding images I think it would improve the handling, if there was a possibility to drag and drop pictures, place them different ways in a document (not only left or right) and resize them. Also while copy pasting an image into a page, it often happens, that in the App the picture won't show. Maybe regarding images there could be done a little improvement overall to make it easier for editors. :)

  • Hello Karl and Natalie, 

    Thanks for the suggestions!

    The product team is planning to improve the way how we upload and manage images. It is in a very early stage, but we will keep you posted and updated. 



  • Hi,

    totally agree with you. Another important feature would be that I can see, how often and in which documents I use a picture. Almost like with abbreviations and definitions. 
    Revisions can be made and be tracked. Also safes time and effort.


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