Display of Operationally Critical Documents

The Operationally Critical Documents function is great regarding the distribution of documents that always need to be available online and offline. Lately I got a lot of responses from my pilot colleagues that it would be great if there was the option or setting to have those documents sorted by alphabet or displayed in categories because of the growth of these documents. 

I am aware of the possibility to sort the documents by clicking "show all" but this setting does not last. 

Maybe there is a possibility to improve this feature :)



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  • This function would make my colleagues an my daily work a lot easier.

    The implementation of this idea would be really great.

  • Hello Natalie, 

    Thank you very much for the suggestion!

    As you have an open ticket with us about this topic, we will wait for more information from you about this function to plan our next steps. 

    We look forward to hearing from you. 


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