Addition to "Send reminder every" Publish Option

The new feature "no reminders, show in unread" is one of the best things that were improved lately. It helps us so much distributing documents even more effectively. 

Would there be any sense in improving this feature even more? 

I am imagine the option "show in unread for one or more specific roles" that you can choose.




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  • I do agree that the new option has been a great benefit. I support the new idea, despite the complexity it might require. A workaround is possible via Roles and Permissions but it is more difficult to set up and maintain.

  • Hi Natalie, 

    Thanks for the suggestion!

    The product team will take it into consideration, but it is not something that we will implement in the near future.
    Yes Bruno, you are perfectly right. It would be too complex at this point and we are prioritizing urgent updates. 

    Thank you both :)  

  • Fully agree with Natalie this is a very useful option.

    Could we have an automatic e mail reminder sent the moment the document is published? I use the option where i publish documents in advance of a certain date, by setting the date under the "available" button. The moment the document is published i want an e mail notification sent out. Currently its only possible to send an immediate reminder. 


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