EFB app refresh in background

Actually, the EFB app doesn't refresh in background and would be really good if it could be improved.

The Flight Crews face a problem, particularly when a lot of critical documents need to be downloaded to the device. The device is blocked because the app must remain active until the download is finished.

This issue has a significant impact on the flight crew's experience with webmanuals and they frequently express their dissatisfaction.

We will really appreciate this improvement.




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  • Totally agree with you. 

    Unfortunately, what you are describing is not really helping the user experience. I would suggest to add a button in the settings where background downloads can be allowed. Maybe also a second field where a time frame can be selected for how often the app should auto refresh in the background, so the data usage is not to extreme.

    The second improvement would be, that the app doesn't kick you out every single time you go to the home screen.

    Good suggestion Pilar!



    Matthias Loesch

  • Thanks for your comment Matthias!

    The button option could work and maybe help the development team. It's easier a time frame that can be activated than "always".

    Regarding user experience, it depends on how you use the system, In our case, it would help a lot to have a better final user experience.  Sometimes crews need to download a big amount of documents and they can't leave the device alone because it stops downloading. Would be great if the complete download could be done, for example, at night when they sleep...




  • Hi Pilar,
    as I say, I totally agree with you. What I meant is that as it is right now, it is not improving the user experience. If it could be changed as we said, then it would definitely improve it! 



  • Hello everyone, 

    thanks Pilar for initiating the conversation and Matthias for participating. 

    Our developers have been looking into this extensively both internally and in external apps and from what they can see, it is not possible to download in the background if the app has either:

    1. Not been active at all after the iPad has started;
    2. If the App has not been active for a longer period. 

    What they will add is that the App periodically checks for updates, but that is still something that they can only do when either the app is active or has been active recently. 

    Did you notice any difference in regards to this between the old and the new reader app? 

    I look forward to hearing from you. 

  • What I could suggest in this case is using the split view mode. That way you can update 2 applications at the same time or use another application while WM is updating. Some applications allow this mode. 


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