Move to Page Menu too intrusive

I have had a very frustrating experience with the "move to page" selection on the module options. If I need to move a section up or down, merge a section, or delete a page, any mouse movement near the "Move to Page" selection pulls up the secondary menu instantaneously, leading to many instances of accidentally moving a page and not knowing where it went. 

I suggest there be a slight delay when hovering over the "move to page" menu item.



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  • Hello andrea,

    Thank you for the feedback, we are curious about your user experience as our side panel opens next to the "move to page" menu item. Hence, you would need to move outside of the menu to click a page accidentally. If this happens, you can always click on cancel and the moved section will be back on its original page. 

    Don't hesitate to contact support if you are having more difficulties.

  • Hey there,

    I am working on a desktop and I've also tried on my laptop. The "move to page" menu pulls up OVER the original menu. It does not pull up next to the menu, as it does for you. I attached a photo to this. Even knowing how to get out of this menu (ESC button), I have still inadvertently move pages to other pages and not known where they went. I've spent a long time looking around to see where I've accidentally moved a page. I often work with a few changes before I save the changes, and so hitting Cancel would undo a ton of changes for me, and I wouldn't know where I left off.

  • Hi andrea,

    maybe you update your browser and delete the cage. It often sorts out weird problems.

    Or you use Chrome. I have the best experience with this browser so far.




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