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My document is split into multiple chapters, and each chapter had multiple Appendices at the end, and each Appendices had Headings within them. Those Appendices showed up on the Table of Contents with the Headings showing up below them as well. It created an unsightly Table of Contents. I would like the Appendix to show up on the TOC, but not the Headings within the Appendices. I understand I'll have to change each Appendix Heading to a lower level to prevent it from showing up on the TOC, but that will take a lot of time. Suggest there be a "batch" change to the headings instead of having to manually change each one, OR a way to remove the heading in the Appendix from the Table of Contents. 



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  • Dear andrea,

    If you do not want to see the numbering in front of appencies but still see them in the Table of Content I would recommend you use the heading alias function.

    Activate the settings, then right-click on the title --> Heading number alias --> press space --> ok.

    This will not make the title visible on the page but you will still see it on the ToC 😊


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