Archiving documents which are displayed in multiple categories

This is currently a SIGNIFICANT shortcoming and thread within Web Manuals. 

When archiving a document, the system should warn the user if the document is being displayed in other categories as well. Without this, we risk affecting unsupecting parties.

A use case scenario which happened to us:

Several aircraft within our fleet were affected by an Airworthiness Directive. We uploaded the PDF of the AD once and displayed it in the category for each affected aircraft. 

Over time, maintenance actions were completed on each aircraft which made the AD no longer applicable to that aircraft. A colleague who didn't realize the AD also affected other aircraft archived this document which removed the AD from all the other aircraft as well. She had no idea the AD was being displayed in multiple categories, and I had no idea she archived the AD removing it from those aircraft.

When archiving a document, the confirmation popup window should include a list of categories where the document is displayed. User should be given options:

  1. "un-display" from the current categorie, or select from a checkbox list which ones should not be displayed any longer. 
  2. archive document (caution, this will remove the document from all categories it is currently displayed in) 


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  • Hello Philip Karbach,

    Thank you for your feedback,

    I think it is a very good idea and safer to display options so all users are aware of the action they are about to take.
    I have created an improvement ticket MANUALS-7618.

    We appreciate your help!


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