How to review

You first need to log into your Web Manuals site. In the Reader Dashboard you will find Review among the pages in the menu on the left. Clicking on it will open a dialog window showing you the documents that are available for review. Click on the desired document to start reviewing it. 


Navigation bar

Next/previous changed page

​In the navigation bar under the page it is worth noting the two buttons highlighted below, as they allow you to easily navigate the document by moving from one changed page to another. 



Reviewer comments can be made in two different ways.

Option 1.
You can click on the comment icon in the upper section of the page and subsequently click on Add Comment. 

Option 2.
You can select the text that you would like to comment on and click on Review Comment. 


​If you click on the comment icon as per Option 1. you will open the full list of review comments made, including name of Reviewer, date and time of when the comment was made.

Accept & Reject 


When you have read and are satisfied with the content on the page you can accept the page by clicking on Accept.

If however the content on the page does not live up to the required standard you can reject the page by clicking on Reject. This action will force the editor to take the page back to draft and make the appropriate corrections. As soon as you click on Reject you are prompted to specify the reason for the rejection, which will help the Editor know what to correct. 

It is possible to accept and reject multiple pages at once by clicking on the review icon located at in the bottom-left corner of this view, selecting the pages that you would like to accept/reject and finally by clicking on Accept/Reject. 



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