Device function

You can find the Device function in the blue banner. Under Users, you will see the list of the users' devices.


By clicking on a device, you can see how many documents have been downloaded to it out of the total number of critically operational documents. You can also see the user's name and last login. It also shows the number of critical and noncritical documents that they have downloaded and their respective last synchronization.

The list of devices can be filtered by typing a keyword in the filter field and selecting one of the platforms available in the drop-down list. Finally, devices can be filtered by selecting non-compliant, which shows all devices where not all critical documents have been downloaded.

You can select individual devices by clicking on the checkbox next to each one, or all devices can be selected at once by clicking on the first checkbox next to Devices.


When one or more devices have been selected, the Actions button allows to push a notification to the selected device/s and delete the devices from the list.

The types of notifications are described below:

Send announcement Allows you to send an announcement to specific devices. The content of the announcement has to be typed into the text field. The announcement is displayed as soon as the user logs in on the device.
Refresh Allows you to refresh the list of documents on the device.
Reset device name Allows you to reset the name of the device.
Remote wipe Allows you to remove all the documents downloaded on the device.




Shows how many documents have been downloaded to the device out of the total number of operationally critical documents.

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