Text editing Toolbar Functions

The basic functionalities of this module can be found in the Editor Toolbar above the page, which is displayed once clicking inside the Text Section. iScreen_Shoter_-_20221104095625942.jpg

The functions in the picture above may differ for some users, depending on their site’s setup. Many of these basic functions work similarly to their corresponding functions in Microsoft Word.

Undo and Redo.


Change Paragraph Format and Headers of the selected text.


Increase/decrease indents.


Change alignments: left, right, center and justified.


This section will introduce the user to more advanced functions, which require some type of configuration.

Numbered/Bulleted Lists

These lists are very similar to the one used in Microsoft Word. These functions also allow the user to create lists using different number and bullet list settings.

Numbered List Properties


  1. Right-click on the Numbered List and choose Numbered List Properties.
  2. Define the starting number of the list by changing the value in the Start field, define which type of Numbered list you would like by clicking on the Type drop-down, and define whether or not the list should display parentheses by clicking the Parentheses dropdown.


Changing a Bulleted List’s Properties

  1. Right-click the Bulleted List and choose Bulleted List Properties.
  2. Select the type of bulleted list you would like from the Type Dropdown.


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