3 ways to use Page Labels

1. Page label to highlight content

Click on “change appearance” then click on page labels and pick the appropriate one. On a page level, it is possible to emphasize the content or mark it for a specific role:

Example of page labels “on both side”.


2. Page label to mark a whole chapter

By applying a page label to the first page of a chapter, the rest of the chapter will follow.
Note: this function needs to be activated by an Admin in your settings --> Editor --> Tick “Automatically apply page labels on chapters”


It can be particularly useful when dedicating chapters to a certain role.


Example of a page label "One Side" applied to a whole chapter dedicated to Cabin Crew.


3. Use Page labels as an Index

Firstly, an Admin needs to activate the shown page label from document type to “as page index”:


Secondly, apply page labels to the first page of each chapter.

Finally, you will see on the side of your document a clickable index that helps you navigate from one chapter to another.

Tips: it is particularly useful on the EFB!


Example of page labels "as Index"

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