How to create a Table

This function allows the user to create simple tables by clicking on the table icon.


  1. Click the table icon in the menu to bring up the table grid.
  2. Choose how many rows and columns the table should have by hovering the table grid and left click. 
  3. The table will now appear on the page.

Editing Table Properties



  1. Right click on the table.
  2. Click Table Properties.
  3. The table properties window will now be available for editing.



Table Properties

Shows the number of rows in the table.

Shows the number of columns in the table.

Sets headers of the table (None, First Row, First Column, Both)

Editing Cell Properties


  1. Right click the Table.
  2. Click Cell.
  3. Click Cell Properties.
  4. The Cell Properties window will now be available for editing.

In Cell Properties you can configure Width and Height, Cell Type, Rows and Columns Span as well as if you want Word Wrap to be enabled, how the text in the cell should be aligned and Background Color and Border Color.

Tip: If you want the cells to have equal width, choose percent in the drop-down menu next to Width and type 25% (if you have four columns), this will give the value of 25% width to each column



Cell Properties

Sets the width of the cell in pixels or percent based metrics.

Sets the height of the cell in pixels.

Word Wrap
If enabled, word wrap will automatically place long words on a new line instead of hyphenating them.

Horizontal Alignment
Sets the cells horizontal alignment. 

Vertical Alignment
Sets the cells vertical alignment.

Cell Type
Cell type defines what type of data the cell holds, where data is cell data and header is header data. 

Rows Span
Specifies the number of rows a cell should span.

Column Span
specifies the number of columns a cell should span.

Background Color
Defines the cells background color based on hexadecimal values.

Border Color
Defines the cell border color based on hexadecimal values.

Merge and split cells


  1. Highlight the cells you wish to merge. 
  2. Right-click on the selection.
  3. Select Cell.
  4. Click Merge Cells

Tip: Either select the text in the cells you want to merge and click Merge Cells in the Cell menu, or select text in one cell and click Merge Right or Merge Down.

Splitting Cells


  1. Highlight the cell you wish to split and right-click on the selection.
  2. Select Cell.
  3. Click on either Split Cell Horizontally or Split Cell Vertically.

Merging two tables


If you have two tables in the same Text Section you can merge these into one table.

  1. Right-click inside the first table.
  2. Select Advanced.
  3. Click Merge with table below.

Note: If both tables have headers, the headers from the selected table will be used.

Sorting columns

Columns can be sorted both with ascending sorting and descending sorting. 


To sort a column select text in a cell in the column you want to sort, right-click and go to Column and choose Sort Ascending or Sort Descending.

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