My links are outdated and won’t update. Why?

Please note that even if you do not make a change to a heading containing a cross-reference or to the content under that heading, it will STILL get outdated as long as you are making a change on the page itself that the link is linked to. The cross-references are linked to the page ID. 

These outdated cross-references can be updated from Monitor (if you do not want to put the page in the draft again, you can update the link from there) -> Cross-references and then click on the little refresh button. 


* Sometimes – there is a little Flag displayed even if the link seems to be working
When you want to update the links without putting pages in draft, you need to do it under Monitor. You can only update links under monitor like this if they need to be updated due to smaller changes to the page it is linking on. Examples of changes would be adding text or removing text, adding a module etc. The link still works, it just indicates that it has been an update to the page it is on. 

When the links are outdated due to bigger changes, like the heading being changed, or the linked content being moved to another page or something, then you need to update it from the page and it will not work to update it with Monitor. Why? is because you need more control to actually check what is the change and if you can accept the change for this cross-reference. 

* Sometimes – there’s a Warning for a Link, which I updated/fixed just before being displayed with the flag again. I try to fix the problem, but the warning pops up right away.
Then it is broken and we in support can use the super admin feature to fix these, note that it will fix all broken links, maybe even some that you do not want to be fixed and appear again.

OR, you can try the workaround: 

  • Go in monitor
  • Find the link
  • Delete the link from the monitor
  • Go to the page the link exists.
  • Apply a nonexistent change by putting in space and removing it
  • Save
  • now the link is back in monitor and works.
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