Web Manuals 7.0 Hurricane- 08 June 2018

Template Manuals

  • Template Manuals enable using one manual as the "base" for others, making it easier to author and publish multiple variations of a manual.
  • Any changes made to the Template Manual can then be synchronized in the Child Manual.


The Editor has been greatly improved with many new features, as well as performance improvements and bug fixes. Some of these are:

  • Compliance connections are now displayed right under the headings they are linked to and Headings with out of date compliance connections are now marked as red.
  • Grammar checking is now available for English in addition to spellcheck.
  • Revision bars are now very precise and highlight the specific lines that have been changed.
  • Two new heading options have been added: Heading 7 and Heading 8.
  • It is now possible to setcustom Heading Alises for individual headings.

Document Management

  • It is now possible to upload multiple files and folders by dragging them into the Manage Documents view.
  • Documents are now more customizable with options to add background images, hide headers/footers on specific pages and more.


  • The Reader can now display compliance connections right under the headings they are linked to.
  • Comments are now shown for deleted users.
  • Various bug fixes that address issues faced when copying and highlighting content.

Page Designer

  • Vastly improved to allow editing the look of page content, headers, and footers in great detail.
  • If needed, odd and even pages can be designed separately.
  • The "if" marker makes it possible to display/hide content conditionally.
  • It is also possible to have Child Designs that inherit and further modify all the properties of the parent design they are linked to.


  • Forms can now have multiple pages.
  • Import functionality has been added.
  • New fields have been added: Number, Date, and Formula.

Custom Modules

  • Custom Modules can be designed by simply adding markers inside the Module Editor.
  • Custom Modules support dynamic as well as static content.
  • Custom Modules also support Custom Markers: Text fields that can be edited from inside the Editor.

Diagram Editor

  • It is now possible to add background images to shapes.
  • Text alignment options (left, right, center) have been added.
  • Different elements can now be sent backward and forward on the canvas.

Page Labels

  • Page Labels can be shown on either one side or both sides of a page.
  • Labeled pages are color-marked in the Reader for easier navigation. It is also possible to filter labeled pages.
  • Page Indexestake the user to the labeled section when clicked

User Management

  • It is now possible to automatically generate passwords for the users.
  • Deleted users are now archived instead, making it possible to restore them.
  • The Device Manager has been greatly improved. It is now faster and easier to navigate.


  • Performance and security improvements.
  • Improved handling of password expiration.
  • Help options have been better distributed across the system for better accessability.
  • Paginated modules on adjacent pages are now connected automatically.
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