7.1 - 10 December 2018


  • HTML Import - HTML files generated by a wide range of software can now be imported directly into Web Manuals.
  • Word Import has been optimized to be faster than ever before. The conversion process has also been improved to be more accurate and handle overflow better.

Clone/Transfer User

  • Clone User - Cloning a user creates a new user with the exact same user type and roles.
  • Transfer User - When transferring a user, the following settings will be duplicated to the target user and the responsibilities moved over: User Type, Roles, Manual ownership, Compliance Requirement ownership, Compliance Connection ownership, Form ownership, To-do tasks

Compliance Ownership

  • Enabled without restrictions: Any Admin or Editor is allowed to assign individual requirements to themselves or other Admins/Editors, making it easier to distribute the workload without affecting Web Manuals functionality.
  • Enabled with restrictions and only editable by Admins: In addition to the behavior from "Enabled," this option restricts users from checking the "Doc" and "Rev" boxes for requirements that they are not assigned to.

Pinned Manuals

In contrast to Operationally Critical Documents, Pinned Manuals are not bound by categories. In other words, it is possible to create a Pinned Manual Category that contains Manuals from multiple different Categories.


Admins and Editors can now define the Abbreviations that are used in Web documents. Once an Abbreviation is defined, simply starting to type it in the Editor will bring up a menu with the Abbreviation in it.


  • The email sent for a form that has received a new entry can now have multiple recipients.
  • It is now possible to see who has last edited a page.
  • If enabled, the Reader now has a button to go to previous/next page with Comments or Important Comments.
  • A5-A4 has been added as a new page layout. It's as wide as A5 and as tall as A4.
  • Chapter pages, along with all their subpages, can now be deleted.
  • When preparing a new revision, authors can now select include/exclude pages in a chapter.
  • User Types and Roles are listed separately for Workflow steps for clarity.
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