7.1.8 - 13 September 2019

  • Added a button to download File documents from the Manage Documents view
  • Tasks now displayed the user they are created by
  • Admins and Editors can now see the date at which a revision has been published. This is different from the revision date that is set manually when creating a new revision
  • Forms with multiple pages now display page numbers at the bottom
  • Abbreviations are no longer highlighted in generated PDF files
  • Tasks now display the user that they've been created by
  • The View Document tab now displays when a PDF file has been generated
  • The Custom Module Editor and the Page Designer have new markers: Updated Date, Last Editor
  • Various QoL improvements, including automatic checkbox selection when adding a new entry for abbreviation conversion, having table cell spacing set to 0 by default, the link dialog selecting the active document by default, and more
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