7.1.9 - 29 October 2019

  • It is now possible to mark users as "on leave," if the setting is enabled. Users on leave will not receive notifications or be able to check out documents. They can still access the manuals they're assigned
  • Text boxes in forms can now link to manuals
  • The API call to receive categories now also returns a URL-safe version of the name
  • The API call to receive a document now also returns the file extension
  • Fixed a bug where some links in a document would not be rendered on the EFB
  • Fixed a bug where uploading new revisions for multiple file documents would create new documents, instead of revisions
  • Fixed a bug where compliance checklist import would be faulty if the ownership option is turned off in settings
  • Fixed a bug where the background image of a page would obstruct the overflow bar
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