7.1.10 - 07 February 2020

  • Fixed broken search in the Editor
  • Fixed a bug that would cause the evaluation bar to be incorrectly displayed in the EFB application
  • Fixed a bug where the feature to Track Changes From a previous revision would not work with Transmittal Letters
  • Fixed an issue where the Amendments list for an updated compliance library was cut short
  • Fixed a bug that prevented modifying Editor/Reviewer Access
  • Fixed a bug where child documents would display incorrect section content and/or sync status color
  • Fixed a bug where revision bars were displayed without actual changes
  • Fixed a bug where the pages of a child document would be ordered incorrectly
  • Comments on pages that are not included in a partial revisions are moved to new unpublished revisions
  • The table of contents module is no longer added as "continuing" by default
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