Web Manuals 8.0 - Admin 07 July 2020

The Web Manuals team is proud to present Web Manuals 8.0!

With its interface rebuilt from the ground up, Web Manuals 8.0 is everything you love about Web Manuals taken above and beyond!

Following the principles of Material Design; we have made Web Manuals more intuitive, responsive, and faster than ever before.

Most significantly, the interface will now adapt to the resolution of your browser window. This has given us a much larger canvas to paint over, which has then enabled us to pack more functionality while simultaneously giving our interface elements more breathing room.

The tab-based experience is still around, only improved vastly to optimize its impact on system resources and provide a better user experience. You can now drag individual tabs around, as well as close all tabs at once.

You will notice that we have let go of our icon buttons in exchange for overflow menus. This not only makes it much easier to learn about what each view can offer you, but also makes it so that you no longer need to memorize the functionality that was hidden behind icons.

Web Manuals 8.0 has been quite the ride for us and we are so proud of what we've achieved with it. We hope that you will enjoy using our platform as much as we've enjoyed building it.

Happy authoring!

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