Overview of EFB App Dashboard

Overview of the Home Dashboard

In this article, we will provide a brief overview of the dashboard of the Web Manuals Reader for iPad.

Operationally Critical Documents*
These are documents that are of critical importance when flying. This view polls the Operationally Critical Documents category and checks whether or not these have been downloaded to the device and then displays the results.

Unread Documents
These are documents that have not yet been read. They could be new documents or existing documents that has been updated.

Latest Published Documents
Shows the total amount of documents assigned to you, including any documents that have yet to be downloaded


Clicking View all on any of these boxes will take you into a comprehensive list of documents pertaining to that category.

* Operationally Critical Documents will only appear on the Dashboard when the Operationally Critical Category has been assigned to your role

Note: If you are logged in with Offline mode the text Offline mode will be visible over Home.

Left Toolbar

The dashboard interface has a number of features attached to its left toolbar. Each of these will be explained in more detail on the following pages.



Clicking Home will take you back to the dashboard.

Shows all the categories and documents you have access to. From here you can open documents, delete documents from the iPad etc.

Shows the new documents or newly released revisions of documents that you haven’t yet read.

Displays a list of all pages (with the associated documents) that you have selected as Favorites in the Reader.

Will allow you to search for one or multiple words through all the available documents.


Clicking on the Documents button will open the categories tab, where you can browse and find the document you are looking for.


Displays the category name. Some categories have sub-categories, which will be revealed when tapping a category. There can be multiple levels of sub-categories.

My Documents
With My Documents, you can easily collect all documents that are important for your daily work. The documents are listed in the same way as in a normal category.

Nr of documents inside of a category
The number to the right of some of the categories indicates how many documents are located within that category. Categories without any number next to them indicate that the category has no direct child documents.

Revision Name
Indicates a published revision’s name.

Date of Revision Publication
Indicates the date a revision was published.

Swiping left on documents and categories

  • Swiping left on any category will show a Download all button that allows you to download all documents in that category.

  • Swiping left on a document will show a Delete button that allows you to delete the selected document from the iPad’s storage. Deleting a document only deletes it from the device storage, not the Web Manuals database. The document can be re-downloaded again after deleting if you are connected to the internet.


  • Swiping left on a document will also show Add to My Documents, which if clicked will put the document in My Documents visible above the categories under Documents (with a star icon instead of a folder icon). To remove a document from My Documents, swipe left and click Remove from My Documents


  • Swiping left on PDFs will show an Open button that allows you to open the PDF in the iPad’s native PDF viewer instead of the one designed by Web Manuals. This viewer will allow you to share the document to other sources.


Click Thumbnails in the upper right corner to view thumbnails of the available documents. Click List to go back to the default list view.



Click Unread to view all the unread documents (can be new documents or existing documents that have been updated). The number next to the icon indicates how many unread documents you have.


By default you check out the documents (removes them from the list of Unread documents) by opening them, reading them and closing them. However, it is possible for the system administrator to change to different checkout options.

The checkout option Accept means that the document requires an explicit checkout. If activated the button Accept will be available. Tap it to confirm that you have read the document and the document will be checked out.


The checkout option Quiz means that you have to complete a quiz before the document can be checked out. If the current document requires this, then the Quiz button will be available. Once pressed you will be taken to the quiz.

The quiz contains questions related to the document and if you answer enough questions correctly (this is set by the system administrator), the document will be checked out.


Clicking on the Favorites button will open up a tab with the pages you have marked as favourite documents, along with the documents they belong to.



Tapping the Search button will open up a window that allows you to search for documents and the contents within a document. It is possible to search for multiple words. If you activate Online Search you will search through all documents you have permission to read, even those that are not yet downloaded to your iPad.


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