How to navigate through the EFB Reader App

The Reader view is displayed when you select a web document from the Dashboard. To turn a page in a document swipe your finger across a page from right to left to go to the next page and left to right to go to the previous

1. Left Toolbar

2 Top Menu

3. Navigation bar 


1. Left Toolbar

Features different tools that can be utilised in the web document.

Shows an overview of all pages within the document.

Shows the document's Table of Contents.

Shows the search tool.

Allows for pages to be added to favorites and displays all favorite pages.

Allows for comments to be added to a page and displays all page comments. If activated it is possible to send so called Change Requests, which will create a Task that will be assigned to the person that is responsible for administrating the manual. A Change Request cannot be seen by other users. 

Fit manual
Make the whole page be visible in the Reader, which means that it will be smaller and you will not have to scroll to see the entire content.

Allows for pages to be printed.

Allows for highlights and annotations to be entered onto the page.

2. Top Menu

Provides access to settings that control the functionality of the app as well as providing quick access to the dashboard and recent documents.

Takes you back to the previous view.

Takes you back to the Documents view in the Dashboard.

List of shortcuts to recent documents as well as the Dashboard views.


3. Navigation Bar

You can navigate through the document via the navigation bar that spans the bottom portion of the screen. The bar has several different buttons on it.

First / Last
Navigates to the first or last page of the document.

Navigates through chapters instead of pages.

Navigates by displaying pages changed since the last revision.

Prev / Next
Displays the previous or next page in the document.


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