Document Categories

Categories in Web Manuals structure your documents; they create an easy way to navigate and access them. 

What is a document category? 

A category in WM is similar to a folder, but categories have higher functionality. 
It is through the categories we give users access to different documents. If you have some documents located in a category, a user must have access to the category to access the documents. A manual can be found in more than one category if needed.
Categories are listed in alphabetical order and arranged into main and sub-categories. The number next to each category indicates the number of documents present inside the category.

How to add a new category? 

When getting started in Web Manuals, you are given some default categories that can be renamed to fit your company structure. You can add new categories and also remove categories.

  1.  Go to "Documents" in the blue menu on the left,
  2.  Click "Add Category" at the bottom left,
  3.  Give your category a name and save.


How to edit and remove a category or add a subcategory

  1. Go to "Documents" in the blue menu on the left,
  2. Click on the three dots next to the category,
  3. Click on "Edit category", "Delete category", or "Add a Sub-category".

Note that it is only possible to delete categories that are empty and do not have sub-categories.





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