Reports- User Performance

User Performance shows how many new available revisions the users need to read and how many reminders they have received. It, therefore, shows whether the users are reading the documentation assigned to them.

Below is a description of the items contained in this view:

Name Name and surname of the user.
Username Username of the user.
Available Updates Number of new revisions that the user needs to read.
Reminders Total number of reminders that the user has received since the new revisions have been published.
Letter icon By clicking on the letter icon, you can send a warning email to the reader so that they are prompted once again to read the documentation.

By clicking on a user, you can see the full list of documents that they need to read. As an Admin, you can check out and check in documents for the user from this view.

Clicking on the elements of the table header allows you to sort the contents of the columns.

Note that User Performance is populated only if reminders have been set both under document settings and Permissions.


By clicking on the Export button, you can possible to export the User Performance in Excel format.


By clicking on the Print button, you can possible to print the User Performance.


By clicking on the Refresh button you refresh the list.

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