Diagrams Modules

In this view, you can create, edit and manage the diagrams on your site. In Web Manuals, the same diagram can be inserted in multiple documents and can be modified centrally from this view.

Add a new category

Categories need to be added for diagrams to be created. Diagram categories help with sorting the diagrams and make it much easier for editors to find and apply the correct diagram.


Add a new diagram

After having created a category you would like your diagram to belong to, click on Add Diagram, which you find in the right-bottom corner of this view. Specify the name of the diagram in the field and click on Save. The diagram will be added under the desired category and placed alphabetically. The revision date and number are displayed next to each diagram. The revision number increases by one at each save and the revision date corresponds to the last date the diagram was saved.

A diagram can be renamed, duplicated, and deleted by clicking on the overflow menu in correspondence with it and by clicking on the relevant option.

By clicking on a diagram you can see its preview, on the left, and the list of documents containing the diagram on the right. If you click on one of the pages where the diagram is present you are taken to that page.

Edit a diagram

To edit an existing diagram, click on it to get the pop-up diagram editor view.

If you want to create a diagram from scratch you should start by dragging and dropping the flowcharts and the swimlanes that you find on the left side of the dialog window onto the workspace in the center of the view.


The style of the flowcharts can be changed by clicking on a flowchart and applying the different styles that can be found in the toolbar under Shape Properties. Flowcharts can be connected by lines, whose properties can also be found in the toolbar. The color, thickness, and style of the lines can be selected under Line Properties.



Text can be added to flowcharts by double-clicking on the flowcharts. Text properties, such as font size, weight, and color can be modified by using the tools in the toolbar. The same goes for text alignment. When you are satisfied with the result click on Save. If the diagram has been already inserted in one or multiple documents the changes you made to it will be reflected automatically in all the documents where the diagram is present.



Publish a diagram

After making changes to a diagram, the diagram needs to be published for the changes to be visible in the editor. The revision numbers are automatically counted up by the system.

Diagram dot menu

On the diagrams overview, click the dot/overflow menu on an existing diagram to access the following options:

Rename Rename the diagram
Edit Open the diagram editor
Duplicate Make a copy of the diagram
Move Move the diagram to another category
Revisions Get an overview of the current revisions the diagram has been through and roll the diagram back to a previous revision if needed
Show references Get an overview of what documents and pages the diagram is currently active on.


Add a diagram to a Web Document

To add a diagram to your page you need to click on “Add module” on the right side of your document and select Diagrams. Once you have selected the correct diagram you can modify the Width, Height, and alignment.

Controlled links refer to links you have in the diagram. Once this box is ticketed, if they get outdated there will be a warning.


An example of a Diagram.

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