Announcements will allow Admins and Editors to send small information, and updates like notices to their staff. 

To add an announcement, click on Users --> Announcements --> Add in the bottom right corner


After clicking on Add, we can see multiple possibilities in announcements such as title, and message.

It is possible to customize which role or user type should receive this message.

It can be linked to a particular document, decide the priority from 1 to 5 and decide if this announcement requires acknowledgement or not.


Once it is saved, it will be visible on the reader site. After clicking on the announcement, it is possible to open the manual that is linked and acknowledge it.

Note: If Editors do not have access to Users & Roles they won’t be able to access announcements.


It is also possible to have an overview of which user has acknowledged the announcement by clicking User --> Announcement --> Three dots by the announcement --> User Performance



If you need more information about this functionality, watch our Release notes



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