Why is my title red?

If you notice that one or multiple headings have turned red, it indicates that there is a warning on the compliance connection to the heading. 

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Note: The red color is only visible in the editor. 

It can be fixed by updating the compliance connections:

  1. Click on Monitor
  2. Compliance
  3. To have an overview of all outdated requirements of your manual, click on the filter, Group by: Requirement
  4. Tick "Only Outdated links"
  5. Apply
  6. Click on the Pen icon iScreen Shoter - 20230720134350446.jpg
  7. Update 

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If you do not want headings to turn red when outdated, this can be deactivated in your Settings by Admins:

  1. Click on System 
  2. Settings
  3. Under Compliance Libraries, click on General
  4. Next to Enable compliance connections warning on heading, untick Editor, Review and/or Reader depending on who should not be able to see the red title.
  5. Save

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