Training in Web Manuals

We offer a variety of training courses to ensure that our customers have the knowledge required to work in the system.

Below we describe what the various courses are about:

  1. Editor Training: Editor training is for new editors starting to work as editors in Web Manuals. The training is divided into two parts:

    The first part begins when the participants start watching the assigned videos. 

    The second part is an instructor-led session in which our instructors practically guide the participants to work in the system and a designated Q&A part so that editors can begin editing their manuals in the system.

    The editor training can be conducted  in three formats: 

    • Open Online Editor Training (online with other customers)
    • Private Online Editor Training
    • Private Onsite Editor Training

    1. Price: €350 Open Online Editor Training, €400 Private Online/onsite Editor Training
    2. Available dates: Every Wednesday 9:00 am to 1:00pm

  2. Structure Workshop: Structure Workshop is relevant for admins of the system. You will, together with a certified instructor, go over the different alternatives when setting up your site. The instructor will be there to guide you in the different options as well as help you to recommend the best alternatives for you. The structure workshop is conducted as a part of customer onboarding, and its price is included in the customer’s contract
    1. Price: €1600
    2. Available dates- need to talk with your cs representative

  3. Admin Training: The admin training introduces new admins to Web Manuals admin features. The admin training is an hour and a half long instructor-led session. Here, participants get introduced to the Web Manuals admin features and learn how to use them correctly.
    1. Price: €200 per participant
    2. Available dates need to talk with your cs representative

  4. Certified Super User Training: The Certification training is for you who want to advance your skills in the system. It is typically users who are more invested in the product that wants to prove their knowledge of the system. 

    It’s a very interactive session in which you can bring up questions of your own as well as look into different existing user cases you might have. 

    The first part of the training is a run-through of different parts of the system, including some tips and tricks. 

    The second part of the examination contains one theoretical test and one practical test.

    1. Price: €900 per participant
    2. Available dates: September in Malmö - GO DIGITAL

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