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In this article, we are going to discuss how to create a link from a Library to a header from the manual and from Compliance Libraries. We will see how regulations can be made not applicable and applicable again.

Creating a link from a manual

On your Manual, click on MonitorCompliance → Under Compliance Library, click on the correct Library → Click on Add:


After clicking on Add, you will have to pick the heading where the requirement should be linked to and the requirement.
You can also add a User that will be responsible for this connection, the start date, frequency, and a comment depending on your pricing plan.iScreen_Shoter_-_20230503095457172.jpg

Once it is done, you can see an overview of all connections made in this manual under MonitorCompliance.
If you do not see any connections, click on FilterGroup byRequirement.



Creating a link from Compliance Libraries 

Click on Compliance Libraries → Click on the library you are trying to link → Go to the requirement, and click on the link icon iScreen_Shoter_-_20230503102209734.jpg.

There, you can see the requirement text, pick the document and the heading where it will be linked.

You can also add a User who will be responsible for this connection, the start date, frequency, and a comment, depending on your pricing plan.



Make a requirement not available

Clicking on the minus icon iScreen_Shoter_-_20230503103118789.jpg you can mark a requirement as not applicable. The requirement will be greyed out and will not be selectable when making compliance connections. You can specify the reason why the requirement is not applicable and the reason will show in the library.

To make a requirement available again, click on the bin → Remove:


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