Updating a Compliance Library and Requirement to the Newest Revision

Activating/Updating a Compliance Library

This article pertains to a Compliance Library indicating a Screen_Shot_2022-11-02_at_9.52.14_AM.png symbol and text reading "the latest revision is not active" when hovering over with a mouse cursor.

Essentially, this means there is a new revision to the Compliance Library, and you may have requirements/regulations that are connected to your documents that are now "outdated" or have changed.



To update the Compliance Library, navigate to the "Manage Libraries" button near the bottom of the Compliance side panel. Once the Manage Libraries view is opened, click the name of the Compliance Library that has the warning symbol "Screen_Shot_2022-11-02_at_9.52.14_AM.png" next to it.


In this view, you will now see the current activated library in (active) and the new library beneath with a "Screen_Shot_2022-11-02_at_9.52.14_AM.png" symbol next to it.



By clicking on the new library (in this scenario, "September 2022"), a new pop-up window will appear with the changed, added, and deleted requirements that are found specific to this compliance library. Manuals that are currently connected to this compliance library may be affected once activated. So, in this view, you will be presented the the manuals and headings that will need to be updated after activating the new revision. 



After pressing the cancel button, you will be presented with the same pop-up revision view as in step 1. By clicking the 3 dots next to the newest revision, you will be able to activate the latest version on the compliance library with a confirmation prompt before activation.



Once you have activated the compliance library, the "Screen_Shot_2022-11-02_at_9.52.14_AM.png" symbol will disappear. (reference STEP 1 for image difference)


Updating a requirement in Compliance Library

When the new revision of the compliance library is activated, any changes in the regulations linked to your documentation will be outdated with the "red text" on the requirement. This means that the text within the requirement has changed and would need to be confirmed within your documents as still meeting the requirement. Any connections still indicated with "black text" have not changed since activating the new revision.


To update the "red text" on the connections, click the symbol to verify that the connection has changed and to update the link to comply with the new requirement text. Once the connection is updated, the red text will turn back to black text, indicating that the warning has been cleared.


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