Manage your compliance Libraries

Under Manage Compliance Libraries, you can edit, add, remove, and update the compliance libraries in your Web Manuals site.

Below is a description of the compliance libraries list.

Name Name of the compliance library.

The organization publishing the library.

Revision The month and the year when the latest revision was published.
Latest Source The latest publication that the library has been updated to.
Doc/Rev Percentage of the requirements that have been marked as documented or reviewed.
Warnings Number of outdated compliance connections
iScreen_Shoter_-_20221206092628830.jpg Indicated either that the currently active library's revision is not the latest one or that the library has no revisions/none has been set active. You can verify which applied to your case by hovering over the warning icon.
By clicking on the overflow menu at the end of each row, you can edit the library's name, organization, description, and owner; and you can delete the library. Please note that deleting the library will affect all the compliance connections made to it and cannot be undone. You can also "Merge from" and "Merge to" which allows you to select which level of requirement you want to be able to create connections to: i.e if you choose to merge from level 6 until level 1 only the first level of the requirement will show in the requirement list, the sublevels will be merged in the first level of the requirement, allowing for connection to be made only in the first level.

Clicking on the name of a library allows you to see the previous revision dates of the library and set the latest one active. You can do so by clicking on the relevant revision's overflow menu and clicking Activate.

If the library has been created in Web Manuals by your organization, clicking on a revision will allow you to modify the library's contents. If the library is part of your subscription plan, we will update the content for you when a new revision of the library is available.

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