How do Reminder Notifications work?

Different notifications can be sent; you can see a description of those emails in System Settings – General.

There are three places where reminders can be set.

Revision Archive:

Settings --> revision archive --> Under Send reminders every click on the frequency.
You can set how often readers should receive reminders for already published revisions or select that they should not receive any at all.

You can set how often readers should receive reminders for this revision or select that they should not receive any at all.

Click on Publish --> Tick the “Send Immediate Reminder” box to send all users a direct message.
Note: If you publish a revision only available later, ticking that box will send reminders immediately, not at the availability date.

Document type:

It allows you to set up a default reminder setting for all manuals using this document type. It can be changed on a manual level at all times.

System --> Settings --> Document type --> Under Send reminders, every click on the frequency

Steps to send reminders:

1. Make sure the User has Remind permission:

Click on User --> Permission --> The permission need to be set on “R”. This will allow the role to receive notifications when a new document revision is published.



2. Make sure reminders for that revision have been activated.



3. Go to the system settings to ensure notification emails are activated.

System --> Settings --> Under General, click on Email Templates --> Active? Click Yes.

You can set up a date and time when emails are sent:


Note: Reminders should be set to every day and adjusted manually on the manual.


How does the reminder email work? With example:

When a reminder needs to be sent, the system first verifies that the user has Remind & View permission (R), and then the system runs the reminder settings of the manual to make sure it is activated. If email notifications are set to be sent every day at 8:00, the system will check every day if some manuals have reminders to be sent.
For example, if a manual has reminders set to be sent every seven days, every day the system will ask the manual if it needs to send reminders, the manual will not confirm until it’s the 7th day, and the email template will send a reminder.


How to monitor email notifications:

Click on Report --> User Performance

You can see how many updates haven’t been checked and how many reminders have been sent for those manuals.


Note: the letter icon on the right size will send a Warning email, not a Reminder.


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