Bug or Improvement life cycle

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What to do before reporting a bug:

  • Check if you are using the Chrome browser
  • Clear the cache and check if you have a good internet connection
  • Ask a colleague if they are able to reproduce the issue on their device
  • Record a video or take a screenshot in case of error messages

After all the previous steps have been followed, report the issue to the support team by providing as many details and information as you can, explaining step by step all the actions you took.

When the support team receives the ticket, they try to reproduce the issue.
In case they cannot reproduce it, they will go back to you asking to provide more information, try a different workaround or change the settings. If the support team can reproduce the issue, the case will be escalated to the development team. 

At this point, the developers will also test the bug and decide if it is something that can be immediately fixed or need further investigation. 

If the issue can be fixed immediately, the support team will inform you and the ticket will be closed. 

In case the issue needs further attention, the support team will create an internal ticket for the developers. The code generated by this action will be shared with you and you can recognize it because it will look like this: MANUAL-1234, or WMEFB-321.

At this point, the support team will solve the ticket as there is nothing more they can do and we will all need to wait for the developers and product team to fix the bug.

This process might take a few days, weeks or months depending on many factors such as urgency, amount of customers reporting the same bug, and the complexity of the issue. The teams in charge of prioritizing bugs and improvements are the development and product teams. 

But don´t worry! We will not forget about you :) 
Once the bug is fixed or an improvement is implemented, the support team will inform you to open a follow-up ticket. You can also remain updated by checking the monthly Release Notes in the section Product Updates where you will see the list of all the bugs that have been fixed and the new improvements. 




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