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How to enable Change Requests

Change requests are comments from users that are sent directly to the manual´s owner. This feature can be activated for all manuals, only specific or none.

To activate change requests of all manuals, go to your System --> Settings --> Under Documents, click on General --> Tick the box "Allow change requests by default for manuals". 


If the box isn't ticked, it is still possible to activate change requests in the settings of the manual. Go to the correct manual --> Settings --> General Settings --> Under change request, click Yes to activate or No to deactivate them --> Save.


In order for a change request to be sent, the manual needs to have a Document Owner, which will be the person receiving the request (Settings --> General Settings --> Document Owner):

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How to create a Change Request

In the Reader and Reviewer mode as well as on the Reader app, you will see the change request logo: iScreen_Shoter_-_20230301124038314.jpg

Click on the button, write your request, and click Add Change Request. It will immediately be sent to the owner of the manual.

Where do I see the change request?

If you are the owner of the manual, you will receive an email. The notification will also be visible under My Tasks. Click on the profile icon in the bottom left corner --> My Tasks:


The change request is visible from the manual if you click Monitor --> Tasks.
You will have an overview of all change requests, pending and completed of that document:


Note: As a reviewer, you can be the document owner, but you will only receive the change request by emails.

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