Why do my cross references become outdated?

There are two reasons for this to happen:
  1. The content to which the link is pointing moved to a different page
  2. The content to which the link is pointing has been changed
In the first case, when trying to update the outdated cross reference from the Monitor tab, you won't be able to and you will get the note “Cross reference broken, update from the page”
In that case, the workaround is:
  • Go in monitor
  • Find the link
  • Delete the link from the monitor
  • Go to the page the link exists.
  • Apply a nonexistent change by putting in space and removing it (you might not need to make this step to see the result but keep it in mind)
  • Save
  • now the link is back in monitor and works.
In the second case,
We need to update links in the correct order otherwise they will keep popping up as outdated.
For example:
If we have an outdated link on page A pointing to page B, and then also on page B outdated link that points to page C. We need to first update the link on page B and then update the link on page A. This is because every-time someone makes a change to the page where the link is pointing the link will be outdated.
In the Monitor under Outdated cross references, you can see if the page where link is pointing also has outdated link and then start from the bottom.
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