What is the difference between Definitions and Abbreviations?

The Definitions tool allows for a definition to be applied to a few words or a whole sentence. As with abbreviations, hovering over the text will show the definition.

The Abbreviation Tool allows for a short string of capital letters that can be applied to abbreviate a word. They can be applied simply by typing in two or more letters in capitals, at which point the system will ask if you are wanting to create/insert an abbreviation.


Keep in mind that it is not possible to have the same acronym in both definitions and abbreviations. There is a workaround which is to create a definition with a space before the actual acronym
"AB" --> " AB". Unfortunately, this will not work on abbreviations, only on definitions.
So create the definition with space and the abbreviation as usual, in order to have the same acronym.


Note: If you see the background color turn red, it means that the abbreviation or the definition is outdated. You can easily update outdated abbreviations and definitions by double-clicking on them!

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