What is the red line on my document indicating? How to manage overflow on a page?

Writing and adding content on a page in your manual using Web Manuals, will sometimes cause this red line to appear on your page. This red line is an indication that the content underneath this line stretches over the page causing an overflow.

Step by step on How to control your overflow: 


Step 1:
As soon as the red line appears, you will be able to put the content below the red line on to the next page with the help of the "move overflow to the next page- button". See attached image. 

NOTE: If the icon does not appear, it is because you do not have a page below, or you do have a page below but it is not in Draft. If so, please add a page with the help of clicking on the + icon or draft the following page.




Step 2: 
Once you have clicked on the button, this is the result. 
See attached image: 


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