Web Manuals 2022.1 - 25 January 2022


  • Editors can now be given access to Document Settings even when they are not in the last step of the workflow, this will allow for a cleaner workflow [MANUALS-5447].
  • Editors can now send reminders to reviewers if they have access to publish or review steps in the workflow. They no longer have to be able to draft the document [MANUALS-5789].
  • Created dual locale for all languages in spell checker, this means that any language in the spell checker can be set as either primary or secondary language in the dual language setup [MANUALS-5910].


  • Dashboard - Added expiring documents card to admin dashboard. This will make document owners aware when their expiring documents are about to run out [MANUALS-5857].
  • Settings - Added "Access Document Control tab" setting for user types, this will allow editors to have access to the control tab, without having them in the last step of the workflow [MANUALS-5806]
  • Performance improvement to save function for large manuals.
  • Optimized data amount of Editor page history log.

Bug fixes

  • Editor - Fixed issue of dates backing one day in revision archive, now dates will be correct [MANUALS-5633].
  • Compliance Libraries - Source and source date will now be displayed when the option ‘Show changes’ is checked [MANUALS-5917].
  • Editor - Should now be possible to create abbreviations after skipping abbreviation creation [MANUALS-5210].
  • Reader - Fixed diff bars for vertical text in a table not showing in the correct place [MANUALS-5933].
  • Reader - Fixed issue of not showing next button for multiple page forms [MANUALS-5838].
  • Reader - Removed reader comments when restoring page [MANUALS-5860].
  • Reader - Fixed issue of showing deleted modules with their revision bars when the revision bars are removed intentionally [MANUALS-5814].
  • Fixed incorrect heading number for custom module and TOC will now show heading number from custom module [MANUALS-5866].
  • Fixed issue where drafted pages would have the wrong author.
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