Web Manuals 2022.1.0 - 26 October 2022

Here are the release highlights for October 2022! 
  • Reviewer - The Accept/Reject bar now follows when scrolling down a page. This will make it easier for reviewers to approve pages, as the revision bar will follow the top of the screen as the reviewer is scrolling through the page. No longer is there a need for the reviewer to scroll back to the top to approve. The Accept/Reject bar now follows when scrolling down a page [MANUALS-6534]
  • Settings - Designs - Added Custom CSS Code Editor. For the customers with access to the Designer, we have now implemented a code editor. This way it is easier to pull the correct functions and see where there might be a mistake. The cherry on top is the fact that the editor will not let you save if the code is not complete. [MANUALS-6209]
  • Settings - Designs - Re-added the option Rename design. We removed it in the new UI, and with the new access to the design view for all admins, we of course want admins to be able to rename designs if needed. [MANUALS-6540]
  • Settings - Designs - Added [+] button to designs so that it will autofill the selected category. This will save a lot of clicks when creating designs since multiple properties can now be added to the same element by clicking the plus.[MANUALS-6589]
  • Settings - Email templates - Added validation on "on day" when choosing every week or every month in the email template [MANUALS-6711]
  • Users - Import - User import with roles defined in Excel file [MANUALS-6383]
  • Users - Import - Ability to quickly assign User Types in bulk during/after batch users excel import on WM [MANUALS-6708]


  • Editor - Made scrollbar bigger in manual. Now the scrollbar will be easier to see in the editor and harder to miss with the mouse cursor. [MANUALS-6719]
  • Designs - Made unsaved changes in design in red. Now it will be a lot easier to know if a design change is unsaved.
  • Designs - Removed padding bottom for paragraphs inside tables and lists in the default design. As standard tables will be tighter and more like word tables.
  • Users - Fixed wording when importing users to explain that the user type selected won't be applied to users with user type in Excel. With the new change to user import via excel, we needed to make the UI clearer.
Bug fixes
  • Reviewer - Fixed issue when moving forward with a password-protected workflow. Now the reviewer will correctly request password input if password protection is enabled and it will proceed to the next workflow step when the password is validated. [MANUALS-6666]
  • Reviewer - Fixed users not being able to add comments to file manuals. Now reviewers will once more be able to leave review comments on file documents. [MANUALS-6676]
  • Editor - Fixed the system automatically removing leading zeros from heading numbers. Now it is possible to number chapters 01, 001, and even more imaginary things, without the chapter number being cropped to a single digit. [MANUALS-6596]
  • Editor - Fixed content padding on even/odd pages not as expected when printing the manual. Now header and footer odd/even will follow the content odd/even. [MANUALS-6685]
  • Editor - Fixed the issue of double modular pages as a result of drafting a page while it’s still under processing in the background. Now only one Modular page will be created. [MANUALS-6564]
  • Editor - Fixed big images freezing Word Export. Now the word export will no longer stop after encountering a very large image file, that causes a timeout. [MANUALS-6605] [MANUALS-6606]
  • Windows EFB app - Fixed issue on not showing Chapter Alias. Now manually defined chapter numbers are shown in the Windows app, adhering to the reader. [EFBIOS-791]
  • Editor - Fixed Module needs update warning not showing on pages that are in draft [MANUALS-6712]
  • Editor - Compliance panel - Fixed bug where the compliance panel did not check properly for chapter aliases
  • Editor - Fix cross-references in bulk - Fixed impossible to automatically fix cross-references to headings in the different manual [MANUALS-6710
  • Editor - Template sync - Fixed template/child syncing drafts all pages in the child without changes [MANUALS-6598]
  • Editor - Fixed elements disappearing when the page is not in draft (add page for example). Now a page can once more be added under a page not in draft.

Take a look at our Webinar! Where Stefan will go through the different bugs fixes and improvements 

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