Web Manuals 2022.8.0 - 5 September 2022


This release includes most of the work we have done over the Summersprint which was primarily composed of improvements and issues gathered during the world tour. This is of course also the release of the new UI that we know a lot of people are looking forward to. Without further ado, here are the release notes:

Release note Highlights

  • New UI
  • Faster Mirror module creation
  • Remove Compliance connections for sub-requirements in bulk
  • Print partial revision page list
  • Easier printing, and now printing specific pages work again
  • Document types with deleted documents can now be removed

New UI

We are proud to release the new UI for the menu and editor. We have a slew of improvements and new functionalities. Please watch the webinar released and explore the changes. This release will implement a lot of the changes suggested over the last year as well as improvements received from our world tour. Note that if you do not like the new menu you are able to revert to the old one and use that instead.


  • Compliance connections - Introduced an option to remove a requirement and its subordinates at once. This will play well into the ability of being able to mark a requirement and all sub-requirements with connections. [MANUALS-6069]
  • Users can now add minor editor comments. This will give an extra layer of data to the authorities. [MANUALS-6370]
  • Increased padding to display fully heading numbers in the view of changes. This will allow customers with customized setups to be able to see heading numbers in the change view. [MANUALS-6390]
  • Category sorted manuals when adding a Task. It is now easier than ever to find the document you want to connect to your tasks. [MANUALS-6279]
  • Increased the font size of editor comments and also changed the layout and design. This will make it easier to read the comments in the change log. [MANUALS-6363]
  • Remember the last selected manual, page and section when adding a content mirror module. This will make adding multiple mirror modules vastly easier. A bonus function is that the system will remember the choices of the last selected mirror, allowing the user to easily copy a mirror module by selecting an old module, and then creating a new one. [MANUALS-6185]
  • Users can print a list of pages included in a partial revision. This allows for a precise list of pages included in the revision at the current moment to be extracted. [MANUALS-6280]


  • Zoom levels are set to increase or decrease in iterations of 10, allowing for a more precise zoom factor. [MANUALS-6365]
  • Users once again have printing at their fingertips. Print icon is now displayed beside the settings icon and users can use CTRL+P to open the print dialogue. [MANUALS-6224]


  • Settings - Reader - Removed the scaling and compression from uploaded logo images. Logos will now be presented in better quality. [MANUALS-6254]
  • Settings - Document Types - Document type with only archived documents can be deleted now. [MANUALS-6364]
  • Settings - Options with year format as YY are added in general settings. [MANUALS-5824]
  • Diagrams - Added name of the diagram to pop-up header when deleting it. This way you now know what diagram you clicked delete on. [MANUALS-6410]
  • Forms - Added form title when viewing and printing an entry. Now it will be possible to know what form was exported. [MANUALS-6289]

Bug fixes

  • Editor - Fixed issue of showing the next level of heading in the Table of Content module. It is now safe to make Table of content for sub headings again. [MANUALS-6401]
  • Editor - Fixed link target to pdf not working in editor. Now a link to a page in a PDF will work even if the page is in draft or approved but now published. [MANUALS-6196]
  • Manage Documents - Removed expiration reminders sending for archived manuals. Now those reminders on documents about to expire while archived is a thing of the past. [MANUALS-6374]
  • Reader - Fixed printing issues when selecting pages. [MANUALS-6366]
  • EFB - Fixed issue of displaying removed sections without revision bars in the application. [MANUALS-6453]
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