Web Manuals 2022.9.0 - 28 September 2022

September was a very intense month for the team, primarily because we had our Go Digital conference in the middle. I want to thank all of our users who attended and contributed to the community and the future of the product. The conference also took up about a sprint's worth of time, so this release is a bit smaller than usual.
  • In page structure, pages can not be converted to chapter pages and vice versa.
  • New filters and information in the compliance checklist
  • The New Menu will be activated for all users in this release, it can easily be reverted if needed.
  • Pages with hidden revision bars will no longer be seen as "pages with no changes"
  • Added "Convert to page/chapter" options to the page structure. This gives the editors the ability to create a chapter page from a normal page, and more importantly the ability to make a chapter into a normal page, that can be absorbed by another chapter. [MANUALS-6480]
  • Implemented a new layout for compliance panels. The functionalities in the compliance panel have been moved around, now they should be placed in more intuitive and easier accessible locations. [MANUALS-6471]
Compliance Libraries
  • Added filters for AMC and Not Applicable requirements from a checklist. Now the checklist can be presented with the filters applied and thereby show a list without AMCs and Not Applicable requirements, this should prove beneficial for some audits. [MANUALS-6294]
  • Added a column for Source to the checklist view. Now it will be easy to see the source of the requirement in the checklist, for easier information access during audits. [MANUALS-6526]
  • A new menu will be switched on for all users by default. We do this to make sure that all users are aware of the possible transition into the new view, if anyone still prefers the old menu, they can simply switch back. [MANUALS-6524]
  • Main menu - Documents - Added a function that allows for the entire document tree to be expanded or collapsed, for easier category navigation. [MANUALS-6523]
Bug fixes
  • Editor - We have reintroduced the print button for change log comments in the editor, it had gone and gotten itself hidden away. [MANUALS-6545]
  • Editor - Fixed the issue that the system falsely identifies all pages with muted revision bars as "page with no change". This caused a problem when mass fixing pages that were marked as having no change. [MANUALS-6584]
  • Fixed an issue that caused operational critical documents to be able to be opened in review as a reader.[MANUALS-6458]
  • Fixed an issue that caused the workflow on a document to be shown incorrectly. [MANUALS-6551]
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