Web Manuals 22.12.0 Release notes 14-12-2022

It is Christmas time, and what is Christmas without a little gift from your friendly elves.
From all of us to all of you: A little early December release.

Highlights this release:
  • Compliance requirement owners can be set to be the only users that can change compliance connections on respective requirements
  • Be able to start new change logs in the same document
  • No more user ribbon making the document jump on screen
  • No more jumping to a random place in the document when saving
  • Manage Users - Block adding users above contract. This will allow the admins to be able to follow the contract a lot easier, and will make it clear when there are no more available users. [MANUALS-6562]
  • Compliance - Now only requirement owners can connect, update, and delete compliance connections if the respective setting is enabled. This will make it a lot easier to control compliance requirements if owners are applied, then they own specific parts of a regulation, and are fully responsible for changes.  [MANUALS-6777]
  • Editor - Added an option to start a new change log. Now multiple change logs will be able to be shown in a document. Useful for the editors who want to have overviews of different commenting levels. [MANUALS-6565]
  • Editor - User ribbon instead of additional bar when other people are also editing the same manual. This will make it clear that other people are working in the same document, hover over an icon to see the username. This will remove the ribbon making the page seem like it was jumping up and down. [MANUALS-6682]
  • Help Center - Added Help Center button to reader. Now the readers will be able to access our help center as well. This means that the readers have access to all the guides and our community forum as well, for an easier path to give feedback and exchange ideas. [MANUALS-6713]
Bug fixes:
  • Editor - Fixed screen jumps to random page after saving. Now there will be no more jumping to pages after saving Yay :) [MANUALS-6703]
  • Editor - Fixed splitting the section adds a paragraph. Now splitting a section will be more natural, and there will be no more cleaning up afterwards. [MANUALS-6432]
  • Reader Print - Prevented people from clicking too soon on the print button which lead to only one page displayed in the print view. Now the print should have forced time to load, hence it will always load all the pages to print. [MANUALS-6693]
  • Reader - Fixed file manual downloads as a zip file when the name has url unsafe chars. This will make sure that the documents will download with the intended file format. [MANUALS-6738]

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