Web Manuals 2022.2 - 23 February 2022


  • Added option to show all compliance connections of the manual at once in the sidebar menu. This means the the user does not have to click through all available libraries to see what connections are in the document [MANUALS-5008].
  • Applied page numbering to the pages that are not in a chapter. Now the first pages of the manual will be able to get a page number [MANUALS-5517].
  • Removed autocomplete on (c) and (e). Now our editors can write out those text strings without having the text convert into symbols such as copyright and Euro sign, among other, in their documents [MANUALS-5952].

Compliance Libraries

  • Added compliance outdated warning on the main menu. Now the admin will once again be able to see with a glance that a compliance library is outdated from the compliance button in the menu [MANUALS-6021].


  • Abbreviations - Added the column “Document references†for exporting as Excel file. Now the documents where the abbreviations are used will be listed in the Excel file [MANUALS-5902].
  • Notification Template - Added the column "Issue" in Notification, Warning and Expiration Reminder email templates. Now it will be clear from the emails what issue the documents are in [MANUALS-6017].

Bug fixes

  • Dashboard - Fixed published manuals not being displayed under the Latest [MANUALS-6086].
  • Login - Fixed issue of forgetting deep links after logging in again. Now after clicking the link, and logging in, the link will direct you to the correct location [MANUALS-6077].
  • Reader - Search function now highlights found terms on manual pages. This existed in version 7 and is now reinstated MANUALS-5244].
  • Editor - Fixed issue of not being able to create abbreviations next to each other.
  • EFB - Fixed error message displaying unexpectedly when logging in the system.
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